Physician Coaching

What is Executive Coaching?

Executive or leadership coaching is a proven process of inquiry that uses conversation, self-reflection, and focused thinking to create action plans that will help improve performance.  It is an individual experience involving a candid dialogue with an unbiased thinking partner.  It involves a conversation between the coach, who is a trained, impartial person, skilled at creating a safe, non-judgemental space, and the client or “coachee” who brings questions, dilemmas or goals and a willingness to work through them via at times challenging conversations.  Coaching focuses on the attitudes and activities that have the greatest potential for success at work and in life and can be very helpful amidst complex challenges and changing environments.

Executive coaching is used at over 50% of today’s Fortune 500 companies.  Coaching helps companies create “people centred” work environments which has been shown to improve employee retention and help the company respond to change.  It is an individualized but systemic process to facilitate change designed to access the inner resourcefulness of the coachee.  It is focused upon goal achievement rather than problem analysis because it encourages the coachee to assume charge of his/her life by becoming more aware. 

Coaching is a leadership development and self care strategy.

AccessVita can help physicians and healthcare professionals navigate career changes, leadership roles, and life events. Coaching sessions may include a combination of emotional intelligence assessments, LEADS 360 assessments, stress and burnout management techniques, and the development of action plans.

Why Hire a Coach?

Many physicians and healthcare professionals struggle with work-life balance, making major career decisions, figuring out how to be effective leaders often with minimal leadership training, and communication with their office staff and/or other health administrators.  Coaching provides an individualized approach to help these physicians think about and discuss the issues they are facing in a confidential space, create strategies to manage these issues, and have an accountability partner who can ensure that they take action to solve these issues.

Focus Package

This package includes 3 to 5 coaching sessions.

This package is often best for working on one focus area or goal.

Starter Package

This package includes 1 assessment and 3 to 5 coaching sessions.

This package is recommended for those that are new to coaching.

Comprehensive Package

This package includes both assessment tools and 10 coach sessions.

This package is recommended for anyone who needs to work on a big change or wants to assess the the “bigger picture”.

Are you not sure where to start? Or did you have a project or goal in mind that doesn’t fit into one of these packages? Don’t worry, we can customize a package to fit your needs!

Physician Coaching as a leadership development and self care strategy.