How to navigate life and work with the confidence of a surgeon

Face it, life today is a moving target especially if you are a medical leader. How do you do it all? The short answer is you can’t but, you can come close. Coaching can identify the clutter in your life and help you make room for what counts. Learn how surgeons access confidence to focus on the task at hand.

Are you pursuing a leadership role?

Do you feel overwhelmed?

Do you wish you had more confidence?

Is work taking over your life?

Are you feeling burnt out?

Do you have trouble focussing?

Are you pursuing a leadership role?

Looking for your next steps in life?

Coaching with Beth can identify ways you can grow to help make your daily decisions confidently and effectively. As a surgeon she knows the importance of using time wisely and how to make decisions under pressure. As a mother she knows the importance of balance in life.

Contact Beth and start on your path to work life balance and confident leadership.

Coaching can help you create your own path to success as a healthcare professional and leader while also making sure you don’t miss out on those important moments in your personal life.  When you look back on your career, it will be with a smile, knowing that you were able to “do it all” and that you set an example for others to follow.

What is Coaching?

Executive coaching is a proven process of inquiry that uses conversation, self-reflection, and focused thinking to bring clarity to situations and to create action plans that will help improve performance.  It involves a conversation between the coach, who is a trained, impartial person, skilled at creating a safe, non-judgemental space, and the client or “coachee” who brings questions, dilemmas and goals as well as a willingness to work through them via, at times, challenging conversations. Since coaching is a partnership, it is important to find a coach with whom you feel comfortable talking.  You should feel that your coach is listening to you and understanding your unique situation but is also willing to push you to consider the impact of your thoughts, words and actions.

Why Hire a Coach?

Many physicians and healthcare workers struggle with work-life balance, making major career decisions, figuring out how to be effective leaders often with minimal leadership training, and communication with their office staff and/or other health administrators.  Coaching provides an individualized approach to help these professionals think about and discuss the issues they are facing in a confidential space. Together with their coach, these physicians and healthcare professionals can create strategies to manage these issues, and have an accountability partner who can ensure that they take action to solve these issues.



AccessVita offers EQi 2.0 and LEADS 360 assessments to aid in your coaching and development.



Physician Coaching

AccessVita can help physicians and healthcare professionals with career and leadership decisions and changes. They also provide coaching on handling stress, overwhelm, and burnout.


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